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with Robyn Slagle

with Robyn Slagle

Hanafuda Magic Retreat

Lower Saxony, Germany

April 4-17, 2025

food and lodging provided

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What you’ll experience:

Each day will be filled with activations, teachings, practice time, and activities ​designed to deepen your connection with healing. Each day will focus on a ​different aspect of the Hanafuda wisdom.

By the end of the retreat, you’ll have a greater connection with your inner core of ​who you are, how to access your gifts, and a support system for continuing to ​deepen your connection with nature and the world around you.

You’ll learn more than 12 techniques for healing yourself. For those interested in ​providing healing support for others, you’ll have more than 12 techniques to ​work with others.

The transformation continues long past the retreat ​because you develop a connection with your own ​gifts, in such an empowering way, that it continues in ​everyday situations.

Throughout the experience you’ll explore questions that ​allow you to follow your own curiosity. Learn to recognize ​what in life is calling you, how to resonate with life, and this ​process brings more vitality through you. This cycle engages ​you to consciously move towards your own healing and ​expression of self.

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You are a Samurai and a Blossom

We are innately harmonious beings. Hanafuda Magic assists in ​recognizing that each of us is strong and gentle, courageous and ​timid, wise and still learning.

Learning to recognize the harmony in our unique expression of ​what makes us who we are, gives us the ability to be kind and ​compassionate with ourselves and others.

This allows us to direct our thoughts and energy in infinitely ​subtle ways to support our own light as well as being an ​example to others.

Embrace this unique opportunity to work with Robyn on the deeper levels of ​your DNA, and move into greater alignment with your purpose and soul during ​this 14 day retreat.

Hanafuda Magic uses ancient Japanese wisdom to guide you in mastering high-​level movement of subtle energy, transcending time and space.

Hanafuda cards have been popular in Japan and Korea for hundreds of years, yet ​their origins are ancient and contain profound teachings. Hanafuda Magic utilizes ​the cards as a tool to excavate your hidden gifts and awaken the unique nature ​of your being, all while opening your heart and increasing your ability to create ​and attract by unleashing your soul gifts into the world.

The Hanafuda Magic, including the Hanafuda Activations, are original works of ​Selena Rodriquez, accessed and developed from over 45 years of experience ​with the Hanafuda and spiritual teachings from around the world. Robyn will be ​presenting this course as a certified teacher of Hanafuda Magic.

Robyn will work with you on deep levels throughout the retreat. As you work and ​play with the Hanafuda, your authentic talents will be uncovered and cultivated, ​sparking realizations of personal strengths that you may not have previously ​realized were gifts.

About The Experience:

  • Receive 48 Hanafuda Activations which open up powerful energies and ​abilities. With these activations, you’ll be able to perform the variety of ​techniques learned throughout the retreat.

  • Practice more than 12 different healing techniques for working with yourself ​and others.

  • Learn magical techniques for igniting positive life shifts and aligning your ​conscious will with the will of the Divine.

  • Learn to read the Hanafuda cards with specialized divinatory techniques for ​yourself and for others. Through the spirit of the Hanafuda and the guidance ​of the Hanafuda totems, psychic and intuitive abilities come forth.

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The Location:

27374 Visselhövede

Lower Saxony, Germany

Group transportation to and from the airport at designated times, on arrival and departure.

Arrive eveing of April 4th. Depart moring of April 17th.

Food and double occupancy lodging included. Option of single ​occupancy available for additional fee.

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Is this retreat for ME?

YES - especially if you are wanting to dive deep into awakening your soul ​gifts, healing yourself and wanting to be of service. This retreat will help ​you move through internal resistance into taking the action needed to ​uplevel your life. It will give you more clarity, anchor in the energies, and ​provide tools to support your continued growth.

Where do I fly into?

Hamburg (HAM) and there will be ground transportation available with the ​group at designated times on arrival and departure dates.

What is the Investment?

This is an investment in YOU! $6500 covers food and lodging as well as all ​the supplies and powerful teachings that will propel you to greater heights ​in all layers and levels in your life. Also, payment plans are available.

Reviews from Former Hanafuda Magic Participants:

I took the year long Hanafuda Class with Selena Rodriguez in 2022. As part ​of the course, I participated in Robyn’s mentor group. Throughout, Robyn ​has given me activations, has held sacred space for me personally and for ​our group and has helped bring forth the healing and blessing of ​Hanafuda in alignment with the monthly cycles. Robyn Slagle is a ​dedicated teacher who puts her heart in her teaching, a reliable source of ​clarity and a gentle and supportive soul. She embodies the ancient ​Priestess and I encourage everyone who hears the calling to embark on ​this magical journey with her.

-Pnina Moldovano, Israel

Robyn is a very compassionate and astute Teacher. I love the safety I feel ​with Robyn. It helped me to deepen my experience in the course. Don't ​miss the wisdom of this Beautiful Teacher!

-Ian Jin Yap, Traditional Healer


Robyn Slagle


Contact Robyn: text 214-893-5639 | email robyn@jarlight.com